Yellow Fin Horse

Yellow Fin Horse is a constant exploration of elemental cooking.

Open-fire, ingredient-driven, seafood-centric—Yellow Fin Horse sets off bright, fresh flavours layered with a serving of smoke and fire.

Helmed by Chef Jun Wong, the kitchen team aims to champion the practice of making things from scratch with an emphasis on primitive preparation methods like open-flame cooking, preserving, curing, fermenting, and aging techniques. Time is utilised as an ingredient, combined with a progressive approach that blends the ever-evolving cuisine and culture.

Think simple sophistication, paired with an imaginative selection of natural wines, a beverage programme that’s well thought out, and service excellence within an intimate setting.

Created with restraint and respect, each plate is thoughtfully served for sharing, and grazing is much recommended.

Yellow Fin Horse is open from Wednesdays to Sundays:

– 6pm to 12am (last order at 10:30pm)
– Bar is open until midnight

Restaurant Policy applies.