Javier Perez


Javier Perez

Every creative has a medium, for Javier, it’s creating enduring experiences.

This fixation started from a young age when he witnessed friends run a well-loved neighbourhood restaurant. He realised how intention and recognition could elevate a meal in ways that transcended just food and drink. He dreamt of one day being able to host, entertain and bring joy to large groups of people. This ambition took a young man, born and raised in Puerto Rico, through multiple stints in the service industry which culminated in the pursuit of a hospitality degree in Switzerland.

With his dream in tow, he set off into the unknown and spent the last decade in South East Asia nurturing a growing following for original concepts – Kilo, Raw Kitchen and Grain Traders. These brands have been a cornerstone for culture and community in the markets they reside in, delivering purposeful experiences that challenge the status quo.

Else, his latest undertaking is one rooted in wellness and exploration, with a strong sense of purpose, authenticity, intention and enhancement.