Justin Chen


Justin Chen

Architecture-trained Justin Chen is fascinated with how design and business come together to create unique experiences and concepts for the way we live today. With his human-centric approach to design, the deputy CEO of Arcc Holdings has transformed his family’s traditional real-estate business into a fast-growing, hospitality-oriented company focusing on creative spaces and neighborhoods.

Having spent over a decade in real estate development and hospitality, he currently also leads Arcc Spaces – a collection of shared workspace brands that work with corporates to transform the way they work and drive innovation across a network of over 20 locations across Asia, including Kuala Lumpur.

For Chen, businesses have an equal responsibility to their employees and the communities they serve. This lesson was impressed upon him when he saw his father in action. Chen spent six years of his childhood in Mali, Africa, where his family has continued to operate a factory inherited from his grandfather.

Embodying a mantra of ‘Globally Connected, Locally Rooted’, his passion is in helping to showcase and invigorate local communities across the region. “There is so much opportunity to do something that is meaningful and that gives back to the local community.”